Christmas Chronicle - Issue 1

The weekly online newsletter about our wiki.


  • Save or Preview?: A review of why and when to use the Preview button, By: Killerbreadbug72
  • Userboxes: The Amazing new User-Box System, simplified! By: Killerbreadbug72


Friendly tips for editing.

  • Colors: How to use colors to make ordinary text stand out! By: Killerbreadbug72
  • Signatures: How to make yourself your own signature to mark your name. By:Killerbreadbug72

User of the Week

Our greatest user for the week

  • Killerbreadbug72, is a good choice for this week, as he is the only one who has edited.

Letter from the Founder

  • This marks the first week of this new Newsletter, and I dearly hope that it will help people feel like they are more involved in the community of the wiki. Read More.

A letter from the Founder of the letter and wiki.

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