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Tuesday, January 25, 2022

Hi. I am Killerbreadbug72. I am 13 years old, and I like to build Legos in my spare time.

I requested this Wikia after my Halloween lights Wikia failed. I love Christmas lights. The only thing that I don't do (besides inflatables) is timing them to music. I could probably do it in a few hard working hours after i set up the lights, but I can't afford a timer thingy. I am an Admin, and changed this wiki's skin for everyone! I am the founder and a bureaucrat (I think that's how you spell it).

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I created these articles:

  1. Icicle lights
  2. MiniLights
  3. Yard Decorations
  4. LED Lights
  5. How a Light Works
  6. Pearl Lights
  7. Inflatables
  8. C7 Lights
  9. C5 Lights
  10. Christmas Tree
  11. Net Lights
  12. Ribbon Lights
  13. Curtain Lights
  14. Icicle LED Lights
  15. Window Candles
  16. Light Thieving
  17. Window Signs
  18. Timers
  19. Pop ups
  20. Light Displays
  21. Timing Lights to Music
  22. Helping our Wikia
  23. Rope Lights
  24. LED Rope Lights
  25. LED Mini Ice Lights
  26. LED Teardrop Lights
  27. LED Star Lights
  28. LED Wide Angle Lights
  29. Flicker Lights
  30. Light Stakes
  31. Micro Lights
  32. Morphing Lights
  33. How To Hang Lights Safely
  34. Christmas Lights Gallery
  35. Project:Page Categorization
  36. Project:Image Categorization
  37. Best Christmas Lights Poll
  38. Media Gallery
  39. Project: Image Descriptions
  40. Concave Lens
  41. Convex Lens
  42. Focal Point
  43. Concave Mirror
  44. Convex Mirror
  45. Converging
  46. Diverging
  47. Double Concave Lens
  48. Double Convex Lens
  49. Prism
  50. Garland
  51. Fog Machine
  52. Fake Gravestone
  53. How to make a Kleenex Ghost


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